Sovereign's Page

Sovereign Dei (Sovi) is the pastor in the family. Out of his love and care for people, he always has encouraging words to say to any and everyone who will listen. When he breaks out with one of his 2 catch phrases, we know that he is about to say something kind and thoughtful. "I have something to say." or "Can I ask you a question?" He then says "You're beautiful. You're handsome. You're smart." or "You're brilliant. " We have watched him sling his words around like Spiderman's web at the most unsuspecting people.  It's an amazing moment to watch men and women become pleasantly entangled as his words slide past their ears straight to the heart. He has disarmed the largest of men and melted the coldest of women. When Sovi speaks, people listen. This is his gift to his generation. Sovi Says t shirts feature his most common phrases of encouragement. Wearing his shirts will share unexpected kindness and thoughtfulness to others; which is how Sovi lives. Get a "Sovi Says" shirt for you or someone you want to be kind to.